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Casino Party Nights | Prices & Licensing
casinopartynights, great time big prizes
Casino Party Nights, Great fun, Big Prizes

Follow out 3 step plan and add great casino style entertainment to your event!

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Introduction - Games & Tables - Prices & Licencing

Can people lose money?

Absolutely not! Players will be using our own casino chips.

For example XYZ Co Ltd has 100 guests to entertain at a function, each guest is given a gift of 1000 chips (usually a single chip is used). These  single chips are then exchanged at the tables for smaller denominations and the  fun begins.  The players can then play one or any of the tables available with the sole aim of winning more chips.

At the end of the evening or the close of the casino, the player(s) with the most chips win.

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How long does the event last?

The event can last as long as you like, the norm is between 2 and 3 hours and as such our prices are based on up to 3 hours of gambling time.

Your casino will operate for a three hour session at the time of day you choose, including a short breather for our croupiers. All you need to do is let us know your chosen session time(s). We start and finish when YOU want up to our normal watershed time of 11:00pm. This is to allow for the counting of chips and the presentation of prizes etc. However, all sessions can be extended by mutual agreement.

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How much do the events cost?

Our prices are very reasonable and of course the more tables you require for your event the cheaper our prices become. Please contact us on 07977 251 750 for more details.

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Sounds good, but don't we need a gambling license?

Casino nights are lawful if held as part of an “exempt entertainment”, as laid down in section 15 of the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976. A copy of the Act can be obtained from the Office of Public Sector Information (formerly HMSO), a link to which is provided in the Useful links section of this site.

Under Section 15, the promoters of an “exempt entertainment” (ie: a fete, dinner, dance, sporting event or bazaar) may lawfully provide as part of the entertainment any “amusement with prizes”, whether it is a lottery or gaming or both, provided the following conditions are met:

That the whole proceeds of the entertainment, after deducting the expenses of the entertainment, shall be devoted to purposes other than private gain;

That the facilities for winning prizes at such amusements are not the only or substantial inducement to persons to attend the entertainment.

Introduction - Games & Tables - Prices & Licencing

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